Kick Start Your Career Change.

In 16 weeks plan your transition

…even if you have no idea what to do instead.

Doors to the Kick Start Your Career Change Mastermind will open in September 2022. 

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Find a career that fits you

When we find a career that fits us, it has a positive impact on every aspect of our life.

Our approach to a career change is all about putting YOU at the centre.  We take time to understand what YOU need to find in a career to be more fulfilled, we show YOU how to find careers that will deliver against these needs and we give YOU tools to deal with the emotions that a change brings.

When you find a career that fits you, other parts of your life prosper too, your relationships, your health, your emotional wellbeing.

I was waiting for my lightbulb moment

Finding a career that fitted me enabled me to meet Mr Positive Dimensions

If I’m honest my daydreams of handing in my notice were something I replayed in my head for many years because I was waiting for that flash of inspiration that would shout out loud at me ‘this is what you are meant to do Kerrie.

When I look back at my career history this has been a common trend, I have waited for other people to suggest my next move and in doing so let other people shape my career. While at the time it has been hugely flattering that people were recommending me for a position or asked me to apply for a promotion, I wasn’t making decisions for myself.

And this is what I have come to learn. I was allowing myself to stay stuck in my unfulfilling job because (hint, these are all covered in my mastermind):

  • I didn’t know how to make a career change, I had no process to follow;
  • My fears and beliefs were taking over and I didn’t understand what was really going on or how to deal with them;
  • I felt ungrateful. To others, I had the perfect career and kept my thoughts to myself.

And so I wasted so much time treading water and being dissatisfied in my life and career. I wish I had realised that there was help out there and programs like the Kick Start Your Career Change Mastermind.

My mission is to inspire people to find greater fulfilment in their careers by showing them how to make a change with confidence and clarity.

My career change gave me the life I wanted it can for you too.

Things have changed over the years

It used to be the case that you finished your education and entered the workforce in one profession and stayed there through to retirement.  Progression was either upwards to management or as a specialist.

However, the world of work has changed and with it we now have choices.  No longer is there an expectation or even is it the norm to stay in one organisation or even one career for life.

However, not knowing what to do or how to make a career change has the potential to keep us stuck.

People often struggle with a career change

Maybe this is how you are feeling right now?
  • You feel trapped in a job that is no longer ticking your boxes.
  • You feel you are destined for something else but don’t know what.
  • You dream of doing something else but you don’t know how to make it your reality.
  • These feelings are impacting your personal life, your relationships, health and confidence.
Taking your career in a different direction can be frightening as we try to answer the many questions spinning around our head:
  • What else can I do which will work for me?
  • Will I like it?
  • Can I change careers without taking a big drop in salary?
  • Will anybody employ me?
  • Will I be successful?
  • Am I too old?
  • Will I really be able to find more harmony between my work and personal life?
  • Won’t I have to start again at the bottom?


We want to be confident that any change will be for the better, but how can we be certain that a change is going to work?

Let us show you the way

Build a career change toolkit

Learn how to test potential careers

Find the answers to your career questions

The life long skills and knowledge you receive mean you will never have to feel trapped again in a career that doesn’t work for you.

Alternate Wednesday’s join Kerrie on a live call as she introduces you to another part of the career journey, giving you time in between to do the work.

We start your journey by uncovering what will make you happier and use this information to uncover potential alternative careers.

We show you how to test potential careers for their suitability, your competency and how they make you feel so you can let go of the fear of making bad choices and be confident to move forward.

Our aim is to help you find the answers to your questions.  By the end of the mastermind, you will know what you want to do, you will know how to make your transition and you are aware of how you have been getting in your own way.  Yes, you are nervous but you are also excited about what the future holds.  And on top of all that you have a wonderful mastermind community cheering you on from the sideline.

We are proud of the success of our clients

“I’m doing what I’m good at, what I enjoy and I’m making a difference and without Kerrie’s help I wouldn’t be in this position.”

I’d been in the corporate world for 25 years…I took redundancy and then moved into another corporate job which I didn’t like, so I left.  I’d never been out of work, the corporate world was all I knew…I felt really lost.  I was unfulfilled, my confidence was at a real low…and I wasn’t feeling connected with anything…

Jayne, Chichester – From corporate to portfolio career


“It literally changed my life”

My career suits my lifestyle down to the ground, I love what I do, I wouldn’t have made these changes if I hadn’t met Kerrie and hadn’t started working with her, it was a really positive thing for me to do.

Heather, Dorset – Finding a career to fit her lifestyle

Is the mastermind right for you?

Kick Start Your Career Change Mastermind is a good fit if…
Kick Start Your Career Change Masterrmind is not a good fit if…

You are coachable and up for the challenge of trying something new that may feel a bit scary at times

You are ready to take action you just need someone to show you the way (whether you are currently working or have been taking some time out we have you covered).

You know you have to put the work in and won’t quit at the first hurdle

It’s not for those who aren’t ready to do the work

It’s not for those needing an overnight success, an effective change takes time.

It’s not for those who aren’t willing to show up and invest their time and energy.

It’s not for school or university leavers.